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Sunday, February 22, 2009


ok.... i think that cats are aliens... don't u think.. alright so heres why.. they just mysteriously showed up on earth... and they made the eygptians worship them.. and look at their eyes and tell me they aren't creepy... i think that if u painted them green. they would all look like aliens.. and yeah when u cant find ur cat and u think its just napping somewhere.... UR WRONG! its probably reporting to the mother ship.. for some freaky alien thing... omg i think my cats coming.. he might scan my brain for this evidence. so if u talk to me later and i don't remember this.. i have prob. been brainwashed.... kk glasd to get that out. bye.


omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.... i sound liek one of those screaming girl fans for liek the jonas brothers.. but who really cares about the jonas brothers. when u can scream for the beatles. they are so amazingly awesome.... i love love love love love love love love love love love love them... and yeah if u don't love them.. grrrr to u. cause someday everyone is gonna be taken over by beatle clones. and we will all have to hail down to yellow submarines... so my suggestion is u go out and buy a submarine.. haha.

all right...

well this little thing a mijigger.... ? is my post to tell u why i have The Heros Demand Answers. for my title.. well first of all... if we gave the heros answers they wouldn't demand them.. so give them answers. and i just like heros cause they like save people. and thats kewl!.... but yes. i just had to have this title cause well. yeah i like heros and when i get a new title .. i will already have something written about this one, so i wont forget it. so give them answers now!

normal day.

yeah today is just a normal day... nothing big.. just normal... i like normal days.. they sooth me.. very claming. and normal... kinda like the opposite of me.. cause im not normal. normal, normal, normal, normal.... hehe i like that word....well im gonna go to youth group later, so i can complete my normal day, of normalness.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day.

Valentines day is the day that kinda bums me out... everyone is a gaga for their lover. when im sitting here going bla..... yeah i don't have a Valentine.... SAD! i want a valentine... so i can give them a cool batman card. cause i love them.. but no.. me no get no valentine! so grrr i'll just sit here eating candy hearts thinking why doesn't anyone love me! then i read over this post and think.. oh yeah thats why.... lol so all u valentines out there... injoy your day.. cause in a few years it will be my day... hahahaha in ur face! - ellie.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Movie Night

Today is movie night.... Yay!Jeff, Emma, and Marisa are over.... woot it has been fun so far.. first we watched a creepy movie, and now were watching a fun awesome movie!!!! and in between we did jeff's hair! yay! so im gonna go finish the movie... and haha because ur not here. Peace out suckers!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Lock In.

hey..... this one is about my amazing time at the lock in. alright.. so it starts out like this... we get there early.. and say.. oh we aren't going to fall asleep... we don't but very close.... so a few people watch movies.... (Logan and Liz) basically all they did... but yeah while all the younger kids are being syco, and racing carts, but not only that ... there inside the carts... now that's using your head.... except when you smash into the wall, get a concussion and die... that might ruin the fun... but unfortunately nobody did that.... darn... so while their being 7th graders us older more mature 8th graders are playing piano and dancing like normal people should. until... we get bored of that go sit in Emma's moms ccd room, and chillax with the light off. that what i call fun... but then again fun cant last for ... eventually someone is gonna find you... so we leave... then everyone finally simmers down.. and some go to sleep , while we go into the delusional stage.... fun times. then i had a spaz cough attack... and almost died... then the fun arrived... Mrs. rogney... i felt her name was special... so we sit the rest of the time talking to her.. basically explaining everything i just did... while our friend Chris walks up.. says i havent fallen asleep all night, I'm not even tired. go to his sleeping bag.. and is out cold... that pretty much sums it up... lots of fun!

Marisa.... Mrs. not trips a lot.

hey.... this post is about my friend.. marisa.... she likes blood.... u can also check out her blog at go figure thats her name.... she is this kind of person who walks by in high heels, perfectly, while im tripping in flats... yes im clumsy.... but with her help.. im getting a little better.... actually no im not.. but i try... and she helps, cause shes a real friend... lol . and yes ... she doesn't trip a lot.. hense the name of the post, or what ever u call it .. lol im new to this.. She loves twilight, and reading, and making fun of me, and blogging i guess, because this is where i got it from.. so yeah.... Marisa if u are reading this right now.... please comment. lol ... and give me some ideas on what to write about please... c ya people.

Twilight Haters.

Ok... This new post.. is what i like to call Twilight Haters...yes u know who u are.... well let me tell you something...... your dumb. ok .. not to be mean or anything.. actually yes to be mean... don't judge a book by its cover, and by the way it has a pretty fricken sweet cover.... hello open your eyes.. maybe if u weren't so lazy and actually read the book, rather than just reading the summary, u might like it.... And u know what ... who cares if he sparkles... it makes the story better.... he needed to do something in the sunlight rather than die.... i don't think that would help out the series.... so go check out a book, quit being lazy and actually read it.... then talk crap... idc if u read it and hate it, but until then quit talking crap.