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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scarff ..... ish blue.

I gots a Blue scarff.... iz pwetty. Emily gaves it to me..... i was happy. :) yay. so i wears it all the time now. lalala im gonna talk about Into the woods. This song is unrealistic... it is talking bout giants in the sky. why . why are they in the sky. u think since their so big they would fall through, right? but they don't. and little red riding hood got tricked by the wolf. what a dumb little girl. why would u fall for that .. come on. u would realize it was a wolf after it talked. they have a very hoarse voice u know, but she didn't know that i guess...... oh well. i iz going to go babysit. i dont know the people but apperently their ok. so i won't be that scared. but i think i will. little kids kinda freak me out. they have weird thoughts and they can like attack you. so those are my worrys. but i guess i won't have to do my book report if i die. so this could be a good thing..... or not. oh well. their little so i wonder what weapons they will use to kill me. hmmm binkies? highchairs? blankies? toys? or maybe they will be creative and liek tie me up in the shower and turn it on. that might not kill me .. but it would gaurentee me not coming back. i think lizie said they were ages .... 3. ... 4. and 6 or somehting like that.... so whatever. 2 girls one boy. hmmmm ? im bored, shes coming at 6:30 to take me AWAY. but i'll be ready. i'll bring my drawing book to draw and stuff. good idea eleanor. thanx. yeah ok well im gonna go get ready now. i don't wanna look like a freak when i first meet her. so yeah ttyl. i will post more later.

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