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Friday, July 10, 2009


Beeeeeep beeeeeep. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. emma and julio are over oooo. fun. sooooooooooooooo IM LEAVING TOMORROW. WOOOOOHOOOOOO. yah im going to choir camp..... yay
lalalLALALlalalalLALALalalala <- thats me singing. beautiful. right. beep beep. well short post cause yeah bye!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'll Wrap You In My Arms.

not emma
aliens( look above)
Robert Pattinson
and more.....


Monday, June 22, 2009

Oust smells good.

*no it doesnt it smells like crap* says emma. but i like it. yummmmm...... oust it makes the world happy. kills viruses and germs. and reduses oder.. there was my informational information about oust. bye!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


hey hey hey hi. this is for you. a cupcake, but u cant have it... cause this is a computer. ELLIE WANT JELLY!!!!!!!! wazdat? haha good times in science. but now, science is over. :( not good bad opposite of good. like bad. i haven't written in a while so I'm just filling you in. were done with school now. so yeah. well i g2g now but i will write more later. so bye.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Scarff ..... ish blue.

I gots a Blue scarff.... iz pwetty. Emily gaves it to me..... i was happy. :) yay. so i wears it all the time now. lalala im gonna talk about Into the woods. This song is unrealistic... it is talking bout giants in the sky. why . why are they in the sky. u think since their so big they would fall through, right? but they don't. and little red riding hood got tricked by the wolf. what a dumb little girl. why would u fall for that .. come on. u would realize it was a wolf after it talked. they have a very hoarse voice u know, but she didn't know that i guess...... oh well. i iz going to go babysit. i dont know the people but apperently their ok. so i won't be that scared. but i think i will. little kids kinda freak me out. they have weird thoughts and they can like attack you. so those are my worrys. but i guess i won't have to do my book report if i die. so this could be a good thing..... or not. oh well. their little so i wonder what weapons they will use to kill me. hmmm binkies? highchairs? blankies? toys? or maybe they will be creative and liek tie me up in the shower and turn it on. that might not kill me .. but it would gaurentee me not coming back. i think lizie said they were ages .... 3. ... 4. and 6 or somehting like that.... so whatever. 2 girls one boy. hmmmm ? im bored, shes coming at 6:30 to take me AWAY. but i'll be ready. i'll bring my drawing book to draw and stuff. good idea eleanor. thanx. yeah ok well im gonna go get ready now. i don't wanna look like a freak when i first meet her. so yeah ttyl. i will post more later.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Don't Trust Me.

I like that song. i also like the song, Squirella de vil. :P this is going to be A very short post. so yeah going to a dance. im excited! yay!!!!!!! well i will write more later. bye bye for now.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hello this is random. lalalala R-A-N-D-O-M. random. hmmm so in this random thingy i will talk about ..... Ducks. yellow, squeaky, real, feathery, who doesn't love them. they flip like all the was upside down, to get food. THEY CAN FLY! there overall very kewl. so yeah that was my short but meaningful random quote about ducks.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Why Hi There..its spring break for 1 more day.and im on a computer. why am i on a computer might u ask. because its cold out. and nobodys home and i have youth group so i cant really do anything. hmmm maybe marisa will come over again. and hang out with me till youth group. sounds good i think i'll call. her ....

getting the phone.
dialing the number.
its ringing.
" hello"
hi is marisa there.
"yes she is"
" hello."
how r u. im good. im writing this in my blog
" kewl."
" did u call me for a reason?"
" do i talk to fast.?"
....... lol asking if she wants to go to a park?
maybe.. lol
i dont want to bike. lol
why its faster.
shes asking.
awwwww she cant come........ :(


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello again.

yeah im bored im in Wisconsin it cold. not hawaii. cause my parents are cheep. grrr im cold. its freezing . like the opposite of warm, hot, inferno. haha. inside joke, marisa is coming over now yay. woohooo i finally got the phone. it was hard but i got up and walked there. be proud. be very very proud. that was a big step for me. well a few steps cause i cant walk across the room in one step. unless i was like really tall. hmm maybe i should grow, hmm but then i would hit my head on all the doorways, hmmm but maybe we could make the doorways taller. hmmm yeah thats sounds like a good idea. i'll get right on that. yeah yup yes ok. yay. ok hah im bored. i look bad today, i showered and everything, i think i smell good. just look icky. I*C*K*Y. hmmm i need candy .. apparently mairsa has three dollars too. maybe she will bring it. but i think she already left and i cant get a hold of her now. ... emma is away for spring break. she better be bringing me back my jar os dirt. thats what i asked for. a jar of Virgin Gorda Dirt. im excited! i want my dirt. hopefully it will be pretty dirt. yay! i love dirt. well tecnically it would be called sand. but i like saying. " i got a jar of dirt, i gota jar of dirt! and u didnt!" haha. that was fun, im bored . haha i like sand. ugh bored . oh look a tennis ball. maybe marisa and i could play tennis. but apparently she wants to watch twilight again. yay! woohooo. im gonna get sick of it. but oh well i love. it, yeah yup .hmmm this is getting long and boring, i want candy well bye.

Why hello.

hi There.. today i am cold. im cold today. theres nothing to do, im bored. this house smells funny. hmmmmm what to do what to do. i wanted to play softball today. but no one is online!! gosh i want to do something, mhmmmm maybe marisa will do something with me, but maybe not, hmmmm i think im gonna ask her. hmmm i wonder if marisa would play softball with me. but then again i lost my glove. hmmmm maybe i should go find it. nah. i will later. hmmm maybe marisa will come over and we will go do something then go to church tomorrow, then youth group. hmmmmm maybe she'd go swiming or biking, or walking or movie watching, i have three dollars maybe we could go to the dollar store and buy something. hmmmmm maybe we could watch Twilight. i also got this new movie called ElizabethTown, maybe she'd watch that with me. but i cant reach the phone. its across the room. but im a rolling chair. but Peter doesnt like when i roll on the hardwood floor. and theres hardwood floor inbetween me and the phone. perhaps i could fly there. but then again theres a hanging light above me and i could hit my head. and that would hurt. hmmm perhaps the dog could get it for me. but i think hes outside. and i dont want to go get him. im thursty, i cant type, i want candy, im bored, my feet are cold. this room needs to be painted, i cant find my glove, i had to clean today, people are ignoring me . grrr... come phone come, fly to me. what if i call marisa from outside the window. but hen she lives about a mile away and she might not have her window open. hmmm. maybe shes sleeping. but its 1:11 and i think she gets up early. maybe shes tapped to a chair and cant answer the phone anyway. but then again she would dodge the tape and run for it. so maybe i should call her . cause im bored. and she is mrs. not trips alot. hmmmm. hmmmmm hmmmmmm idk . ok bye then. c ya. later. bye friend. c ya. bye maybe we could see a movie.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

kk here it is ...

here my picture.. haha marisa!

yeah im copying marisa...

ok marisa always puts on a picture of the day.. so shhhh im gonna copy her.. haha Marisa im gonna copy you.

Going to a party. yay!

yeah im going to a party for b-ball thing.. at courts. hahahaha u weren't invited. beep beep hahaha. so yeah it will be fun .. because yeah Katherine is ova.. we are on the computer thats why im writing this. hahahahahhaha have fun with ur life because i will be at the party... bye

Friday, March 6, 2009

going to the movies.

im going with my friends to the movies. had to get that out. lalalalallallalallalalalalala. so bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye c ya .

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my friends are syco.

Pick 7 Friends

Friend 1: Marisa
Friend 2: Emma
Friend 3: jeff
Friend 4: Kenna
Friend 5: jessica
Friend 6: robin
Friend 7: Chris

About Friend 1: Marisa

What is their favorite color?: She loves every color!!!

When did you meet them?: In like 6th grade.

Did you go to high school or middle school with them?: Middle and Elementary.

Are they a big flirt?: lol well hmmmm. lol

Do they dance?:not professionally but she can buggie.

About Friend 2: emma

Have you ever had a dream about them?:lol yea

Where do they live?: in a box.

Have you ever heard them sing?: le duh

What is your favorite thing about them?:she talks a lot. lol so i dont have to.

Why is that your favorite?: because i dont have to talk.

About Friend 3:Jeff

What color are their eyes?: Hmm, blue... or brown.

Do you love them?: Yes, hes like my best friend.

When was the last time you saw them?: Today.

What is their favorite color?:um prob. like blue.

When the last time you saw a movie w/ them?: Like a few weeks ago.

About Friend 4: kenna

Are they even your friend?: Yes

When was the last time you saw them in person?: Today.

Are you two best friends?: I don't know . Kinda...sorta...

Do you borrow each others clothes?: No.

Do they have any pets?:yes

About Friend 5:Jessica.

When the last time you wrote them a note?um idk.

Have you ever worked with them?: lol in the lighting booth yes.

Have they ever been to your place?: Actually no.

Are they dating anyone right now?: yeah lol but im prob not supposed to say

Are you related to them?: No.

About Friend 6: Robin

What's one of their talents?being freaky and weird.

Do they annoy you ever?lol she funny not annoying.

Do they ask for help? Oh yes, all the time!

Are they smart?lol in her own way

Are they friends with you? I would hope so.

About Friend 7: Chris.

How long have you been friends?about a year

Do you get along? Yeah

Are they crazy? he can be .. but hes usually mellow.

Do they text much? nah


I love thunderstorms... i like going outside and hanging on to metal poles. havent gotten shocked yet... knock on wood. but yeah i love rain. it smells good and its very refreshing. lol love thunderstorms lol already said that but yeah. emma and i love to run in the puddles on the side of the road.. cause there usually deeper.


lol these are the words of me. lol so we were like driving to a concert and emma and i were in the back seat. and marisa in the front ...and we were stopped at a stop light and i looked back and saw this boy. and i was like " Theres a boy, he looks like hes in our grade. HES KINDA CUTE!" so we were all freaking out.. major ....cause he was super cute.( well marisa couldn't see him that well, but we described him) and then it was green light go. so we went and he was turning but he was smiling huge and waving cause he noticed 3 girls his age staring at him through the back window... there are our good times lol. if u wanna here more read in marisa's blog.

Note To Slef: Its illegal to stab people for being stupid.

Lol so should be legal.. . but the law is right. why do we follow the law anyway. why dont we all protest against it .. i mean come on they cant throw everyone in jail. then they'd have no one to boss around.come on. like come on someone is being really annoying. but no the school says u cant smack them .. cause u'll get sent to the princapals.. come on if the teacher is really annoyed with that kid .. u smack them and they shut up . the teachers are happy.. but then get mad at u for hitting. were not in kindergarden we already know whats right and wrong but why not be able to hurt people for being dumb,..and for all u dumb people out there who are just school dumb . i dont mean u. i mean the dumb annoying stupid kids who try to ruin my life. ur the reason i try not to get up in ther morning. DON'T BE DUMB.

beep beep

haha yeah m excited emma and marisa are coming over tomorrow. so we'll have fun and stuff. lalalalalala sorry hehe well im bored ... when i was young girl i had a toad. named Fred. then one day LAUREN KILLED HIM! she "forgot" to take him out of the water.. and u know what he dorowned .... ouch that hurts lauren.. but its all good cause we had a funeral for him.. all my neighbors came and celibrated his young little helpless life that lauren took away from him. poor little fred. he never knew what it was like to swim in a pond. so lets all shun lauren the frog killer. :) peace out suckers :P

Sunday, February 22, 2009


ok.... i think that cats are aliens... don't u think.. alright so heres why.. they just mysteriously showed up on earth... and they made the eygptians worship them.. and look at their eyes and tell me they aren't creepy... i think that if u painted them green. they would all look like aliens.. and yeah when u cant find ur cat and u think its just napping somewhere.... UR WRONG! its probably reporting to the mother ship.. for some freaky alien thing... omg i think my cats coming.. he might scan my brain for this evidence. so if u talk to me later and i don't remember this.. i have prob. been brainwashed.... kk glasd to get that out. bye.


omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.... i sound liek one of those screaming girl fans for liek the jonas brothers.. but who really cares about the jonas brothers. when u can scream for the beatles. they are so amazingly awesome.... i love love love love love love love love love love love love them... and yeah if u don't love them.. grrrr to u. cause someday everyone is gonna be taken over by beatle clones. and we will all have to hail down to yellow submarines... so my suggestion is u go out and buy a submarine.. haha.

all right...

well this little thing a mijigger.... ? is my post to tell u why i have The Heros Demand Answers. for my title.. well first of all... if we gave the heros answers they wouldn't demand them.. so give them answers. and i just like heros cause they like save people. and thats kewl!.... but yes. i just had to have this title cause well. yeah i like heros and when i get a new title .. i will already have something written about this one, so i wont forget it. so give them answers now!

normal day.

yeah today is just a normal day... nothing big.. just normal... i like normal days.. they sooth me.. very claming. and normal... kinda like the opposite of me.. cause im not normal. normal, normal, normal, normal.... hehe i like that word....well im gonna go to youth group later, so i can complete my normal day, of normalness.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day.

Valentines day is the day that kinda bums me out... everyone is a gaga for their lover. when im sitting here going bla..... yeah i don't have a Valentine.... SAD! i want a valentine... so i can give them a cool batman card. cause i love them.. but no.. me no get no valentine! so grrr i'll just sit here eating candy hearts thinking why doesn't anyone love me! then i read over this post and think.. oh yeah thats why.... lol so all u valentines out there... injoy your day.. cause in a few years it will be my day... hahahaha in ur face! - ellie.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Movie Night

Today is movie night.... Yay!Jeff, Emma, and Marisa are over.... woot it has been fun so far.. first we watched a creepy movie, and now were watching a fun awesome movie!!!! and in between we did jeff's hair! yay! so im gonna go finish the movie... and haha because ur not here. Peace out suckers!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Lock In.

hey..... this one is about my amazing time at the lock in. alright.. so it starts out like this... we get there early.. and say.. oh we aren't going to fall asleep... we don't but very close.... so a few people watch movies.... (Logan and Liz) basically all they did... but yeah while all the younger kids are being syco, and racing carts, but not only that ... there inside the carts... now that's using your head.... except when you smash into the wall, get a concussion and die... that might ruin the fun... but unfortunately nobody did that.... darn... so while their being 7th graders us older more mature 8th graders are playing piano and dancing like normal people should. until... we get bored of that go sit in Emma's moms ccd room, and chillax with the light off. that what i call fun... but then again fun cant last for ... eventually someone is gonna find you... so we leave... then everyone finally simmers down.. and some go to sleep , while we go into the delusional stage.... fun times. then i had a spaz cough attack... and almost died... then the fun arrived... Mrs. rogney... i felt her name was special... so we sit the rest of the time talking to her.. basically explaining everything i just did... while our friend Chris walks up.. says i havent fallen asleep all night, I'm not even tired. go to his sleeping bag.. and is out cold... that pretty much sums it up... lots of fun!

Marisa.... Mrs. not trips a lot.

hey.... this post is about my friend.. marisa.... she likes blood.... u can also check out her blog at go figure thats her name.... she is this kind of person who walks by in high heels, perfectly, while im tripping in flats... yes im clumsy.... but with her help.. im getting a little better.... actually no im not.. but i try... and she helps, cause shes a real friend... lol . and yes ... she doesn't trip a lot.. hense the name of the post, or what ever u call it .. lol im new to this.. She loves twilight, and reading, and making fun of me, and blogging i guess, because this is where i got it from.. so yeah.... Marisa if u are reading this right now.... please comment. lol ... and give me some ideas on what to write about please... c ya people.

Twilight Haters.

Ok... This new post.. is what i like to call Twilight Haters...yes u know who u are.... well let me tell you something...... your dumb. ok .. not to be mean or anything.. actually yes to be mean... don't judge a book by its cover, and by the way it has a pretty fricken sweet cover.... hello open your eyes.. maybe if u weren't so lazy and actually read the book, rather than just reading the summary, u might like it.... And u know what ... who cares if he sparkles... it makes the story better.... he needed to do something in the sunlight rather than die.... i don't think that would help out the series.... so go check out a book, quit being lazy and actually read it.... then talk crap... idc if u read it and hate it, but until then quit talking crap.