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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pudge the Fish

Well, it has been a very very sad few days, because my fish Pugeball Gillgamesh passed away a couple of days ago.. And I'm not being sarcastic about this cause he was a great fish! and I was genuinely upset about it.. still am, but I'm setting off for a new fish this Friday on meh Birthday! Cause my friend Emma and I got Pudge last year on my birthday, and shall do the same for my soon to be new fish, Finnigin Douglas.. Anyway just thought I'd share that sob story with you, ANy suggestion on what kind of fish to get?? Non-fliter preferred! :) thanks!


Today, I attempted to make a soup.. Vegan soup kinda haha, and once again it turned out.. well not like soup! And that was not good enough for me.. I must make soup! That is what I set out to make and gosh-darn-nit I will make it! Just not today, cause I ate the Fake soup and now I'm full.. It's not that it was bad fake soup, its just disappointing that the soup was taken over by couscous, if you do not know what couscous is click here: OR highlight it and search it! It's quite good actually, just not when it takes over my recepies.. so yeah my "Dish" I guess ended up looking like this. Which doesn't look too bad, but trust me, not really any flavor because of that dumb rice thing!
Anyway, if there are any Vegan/Vegetarians out there here's the modified actual soup recepie of my soup-dish.

1 can of Black Beans
1 can of Petite diced Tomatoes
1 can of Chik peas
2 cans of Veggie Broth
1 onion
1 Butternut squash
Broccoli- I like the fresh stuff, but frozen is okay too
And one package of Extra-Firm Tofu! :)

Okay, so go out and try this if you want to!! Cause its delicious! If you make it and like it comment, or make it and have some suggestions that also good! Otherwise, just don't make it and be dandy that way too!:D Bye for now.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Today, I think I'm going to discuss all the hate for vegetarians on the Internet. Don't think it exists? Seriously, type in "Hate for Vegetarians" and browse the lovely websites, that are just pools that people can throw hateful comments into. First off, I get that people would get annoyed by extremist Vegetarians, and Vegans, but when people go so far as to say all vegetarians should die, I think thats a little too far. It's not like we hurt anyone. In fact, we do just the opposite! But I guess something about not killing animals, makes people angry. Most people argue the fact that, "God" created animals for humans to eat, and it is the circle of life right? Yet, when a human gets mawled by a bear, or attacked by a shark, the world just goes nuts and has that animal destroyed. It is the circle of life, toushe. So why is it so bad for people to restrain from eating animals. Some people actually do have more of a tie and respect toward nature and don't want to eat animals, not saying that people who aren't vegetarians don't have a strong tie to nature, cause I don't think I personally do more than anyone else. I'm just saying, Leave us ALONE! Maybe then, we'll leave you alone. Let us not eat meat, and don't give us crap about it.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Beeeeeep beeeeeep. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi. emma and julio are over oooo. fun. sooooooooooooooo IM LEAVING TOMORROW. WOOOOOHOOOOOO. yah im going to choir camp..... yay
lalalLALALlalalalLALALalalala <- thats me singing. beautiful. right. beep beep. well short post cause yeah bye!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'll Wrap You In My Arms.

not emma
aliens( look above)
Robert Pattinson
and more.....


Monday, June 22, 2009

Oust smells good.

*no it doesnt it smells like crap* says emma. but i like it. yummmmm...... oust it makes the world happy. kills viruses and germs. and reduses oder.. there was my informational information about oust. bye!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


hey hey hey hi. this is for you. a cupcake, but u cant have it... cause this is a computer. ELLIE WANT JELLY!!!!!!!! wazdat? haha good times in science. but now, science is over. :( not good bad opposite of good. like bad. i haven't written in a while so I'm just filling you in. were done with school now. so yeah. well i g2g now but i will write more later. so bye.