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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Marisa.... Mrs. not trips a lot.

hey.... this post is about my friend.. marisa.... she likes blood.... u can also check out her blog at go figure thats her name.... she is this kind of person who walks by in high heels, perfectly, while im tripping in flats... yes im clumsy.... but with her help.. im getting a little better.... actually no im not.. but i try... and she helps, cause shes a real friend... lol . and yes ... she doesn't trip a lot.. hense the name of the post, or what ever u call it .. lol im new to this.. She loves twilight, and reading, and making fun of me, and blogging i guess, because this is where i got it from.. so yeah.... Marisa if u are reading this right now.... please comment. lol ... and give me some ideas on what to write about please... c ya people.

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*~♥Marisa♥~* said...

lol Ellie!!!
oh course I read it.
write about what you did and take it from a humorous perspective, like what you've been doing is great
hahah it's funny