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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Twilight Haters.

Ok... This new post.. is what i like to call Twilight Haters...yes u know who u are.... well let me tell you something...... your dumb. ok .. not to be mean or anything.. actually yes to be mean... don't judge a book by its cover, and by the way it has a pretty fricken sweet cover.... hello open your eyes.. maybe if u weren't so lazy and actually read the book, rather than just reading the summary, u might like it.... And u know what ... who cares if he sparkles... it makes the story better.... he needed to do something in the sunlight rather than die.... i don't think that would help out the series.... so go check out a book, quit being lazy and actually read it.... then talk crap... idc if u read it and hate it, but until then quit talking crap.


*~♥Marisa♥~* said...

lol awesome Ellie!!!

*Jess* said...

Hey Ellie, Its Jess, and I LUV TWILIGHT. so there, come sheck out my blog, if you want to.