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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello again.

yeah im bored im in Wisconsin it cold. not hawaii. cause my parents are cheep. grrr im cold. its freezing . like the opposite of warm, hot, inferno. haha. inside joke, marisa is coming over now yay. woohooo i finally got the phone. it was hard but i got up and walked there. be proud. be very very proud. that was a big step for me. well a few steps cause i cant walk across the room in one step. unless i was like really tall. hmm maybe i should grow, hmm but then i would hit my head on all the doorways, hmmm but maybe we could make the doorways taller. hmmm yeah thats sounds like a good idea. i'll get right on that. yeah yup yes ok. yay. ok hah im bored. i look bad today, i showered and everything, i think i smell good. just look icky. I*C*K*Y. hmmm i need candy .. apparently mairsa has three dollars too. maybe she will bring it. but i think she already left and i cant get a hold of her now. ... emma is away for spring break. she better be bringing me back my jar os dirt. thats what i asked for. a jar of Virgin Gorda Dirt. im excited! i want my dirt. hopefully it will be pretty dirt. yay! i love dirt. well tecnically it would be called sand. but i like saying. " i got a jar of dirt, i gota jar of dirt! and u didnt!" haha. that was fun, im bored . haha i like sand. ugh bored . oh look a tennis ball. maybe marisa and i could play tennis. but apparently she wants to watch twilight again. yay! woohooo. im gonna get sick of it. but oh well i love. it, yeah yup .hmmm this is getting long and boring, i want candy well bye.

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