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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why hello.

hi There.. today i am cold. im cold today. theres nothing to do, im bored. this house smells funny. hmmmmm what to do what to do. i wanted to play softball today. but no one is online!! gosh i want to do something, mhmmmm maybe marisa will do something with me, but maybe not, hmmmm i think im gonna ask her. hmmm i wonder if marisa would play softball with me. but then again i lost my glove. hmmmm maybe i should go find it. nah. i will later. hmmm maybe marisa will come over and we will go do something then go to church tomorrow, then youth group. hmmmmm maybe she'd go swiming or biking, or walking or movie watching, i have three dollars maybe we could go to the dollar store and buy something. hmmmmm maybe we could watch Twilight. i also got this new movie called ElizabethTown, maybe she'd watch that with me. but i cant reach the phone. its across the room. but im a rolling chair. but Peter doesnt like when i roll on the hardwood floor. and theres hardwood floor inbetween me and the phone. perhaps i could fly there. but then again theres a hanging light above me and i could hit my head. and that would hurt. hmmm perhaps the dog could get it for me. but i think hes outside. and i dont want to go get him. im thursty, i cant type, i want candy, im bored, my feet are cold. this room needs to be painted, i cant find my glove, i had to clean today, people are ignoring me . grrr... come phone come, fly to me. what if i call marisa from outside the window. but hen she lives about a mile away and she might not have her window open. hmmm. maybe shes sleeping. but its 1:11 and i think she gets up early. maybe shes tapped to a chair and cant answer the phone anyway. but then again she would dodge the tape and run for it. so maybe i should call her . cause im bored. and she is mrs. not trips alot. hmmmm. hmmmmm hmmmmmm idk . ok bye then. c ya. later. bye friend. c ya. bye maybe we could see a movie.

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