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Thursday, March 5, 2009

my friends are syco.

Pick 7 Friends

Friend 1: Marisa
Friend 2: Emma
Friend 3: jeff
Friend 4: Kenna
Friend 5: jessica
Friend 6: robin
Friend 7: Chris

About Friend 1: Marisa

What is their favorite color?: She loves every color!!!

When did you meet them?: In like 6th grade.

Did you go to high school or middle school with them?: Middle and Elementary.

Are they a big flirt?: lol well hmmmm. lol

Do they dance?:not professionally but she can buggie.

About Friend 2: emma

Have you ever had a dream about them?:lol yea

Where do they live?: in a box.

Have you ever heard them sing?: le duh

What is your favorite thing about them?:she talks a lot. lol so i dont have to.

Why is that your favorite?: because i dont have to talk.

About Friend 3:Jeff

What color are their eyes?: Hmm, blue... or brown.

Do you love them?: Yes, hes like my best friend.

When was the last time you saw them?: Today.

What is their favorite color?:um prob. like blue.

When the last time you saw a movie w/ them?: Like a few weeks ago.

About Friend 4: kenna

Are they even your friend?: Yes

When was the last time you saw them in person?: Today.

Are you two best friends?: I don't know . Kinda...sorta...

Do you borrow each others clothes?: No.

Do they have any pets?:yes

About Friend 5:Jessica.

When the last time you wrote them a note?um idk.

Have you ever worked with them?: lol in the lighting booth yes.

Have they ever been to your place?: Actually no.

Are they dating anyone right now?: yeah lol but im prob not supposed to say

Are you related to them?: No.

About Friend 6: Robin

What's one of their talents?being freaky and weird.

Do they annoy you ever?lol she funny not annoying.

Do they ask for help? Oh yes, all the time!

Are they smart?lol in her own way

Are they friends with you? I would hope so.

About Friend 7: Chris.

How long have you been friends?about a year

Do you get along? Yeah

Are they crazy? he can be .. but hes usually mellow.

Do they text much? nah

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